We provide 24 hour, 7 days per week “Emergency Response Teams” available to respond to any emergency that may arise. A project manager will arrive on scene within an hour to assess the damage and provide a protocol and emergency action plan.

Our executive staff has well over 40 years of CAT, EMS, and local public relations experience.  We really love the work that we do, and it shows in our performance. We are recognized as one of the fastest growing restoration companies in America, and have been major participants of some of the larger commercial losses and CAT events nationally.  

We recognize your need to have a working partnership with an emergency company that you can depend on.  National Painting proposes to be your Emergency Partner, getting your facility back in use quickly. We promise to handle your emergency matter in the quickest turn-around time possible.  We provide a quick and professional damage assessment along with a “not to exceed” preliminary cost estimate before any major work begins.  Our transparent philosophy is designed to prevent industry blind billing practices for emergency response services. We recognize the importance of your cost exposure when measured by budget allowances. In short, we operate as a partnering arm, working with your insurance carrier as member of the loss occurrence team.

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